Whether we are talking about Prince or Aretha Franklin, most often in the news is something about how much they were worth in dollars, how they did not leave a Will, and, all too often, how a fight ensues regarding who “deserves” the fortune. What the news does not report, however, is who is not looking for the fortune but the one thing, the one memento, of the one they loved that nobody wants to let go of. It could be anything, yet becomes the center of most fights.

Rebecca and Monte have seen it in their own lives and in the law office: A fight over who gets which coffee mug. Another over who gets the pictures. Who gets the land. Who gets the dishes. There was even a case of trying to discredit the children out of fear of losing the identity of the sole remaining sibling and, therefore, sole survivor of the family, nothing more. All of these things could have been solved with a Will. Not everyone would write down who gets which mug, I admit, but no Will is absolutely perfect, giving every answer that could possibly come up. It is a best guess and the wants of the client that are addressed.

So let us be clear: You do not need millions or even thousands of dollars of value for an estate plan to be valuable to your family. It cuts down on arguments, everything from how you want to live and die to who would best take care of your dog or cat and who would best appreciate the spoon collection. That does not take a lot of money, just a care for what you want passed on and those you want them passed on to. It cuts down on the stress placed on the family about your healthcare should you not be able to say for yourself or for your funeral.

Do what is good for your family. Cut down on the future fight. Get your estate plan done today. We can help.

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