At a time when the office needed extra help but Rebecca was not entirely sure how she wanted to handle a paralegal or a new associate, Doc Ross, an old friend and client from her days in Boulder, called to speak of barbeque, good times, and his search for work. Upon hanging up, Rebecca looked at Monte and asked with a twinkle in her eye, “What would you think if I hired Doc on as the new legal help?”

There is a big reason it was as much something to laugh about as a serious question. Doc has absolutely no legal studies background beyond what he has taught himself. What’s more, his casual side is a bit odd compared to the “legal assistant” stereotype, having a background as a biker and metal guitarist, albeit classically trained. But Doc has two things needed for a Whole Family Legal office member:

For one, he is a strong family man with exceptional family values. An adopted grandfather and new biological grandfather, he does his best for the good of his family and friends. His primary means of protecting house and home, though he may say otherwise, is through teaching his family how to defend themselves, be safe, and stay together. Along with his career in music and time on the road, he has served in the military and continues his tinkering in electronics engineering.

And that brings us to the other reason for being a perfect candidate for the job, his keen intellect. While having struggled for some time after a car accident, he has managed to continue with things he finds the most fun, electronics and guitar. Now that, as he puts it, the “gears are starting to mesh back into place,” he is applying that strong ability to learn to the job of Legal Assistant to Rebecca, learning quickly and with great frustration what would have driven others away almost immediately. We welcome him to the office as we have welcomed him into our family.

For more information on Doc’s life, you can read his autobiography, The Bad Guy, available in electronic form on Amazon. Remember that by using Amazon Smile, you can donate to causes such as Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms with most purchases.

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