“Unbundled services” are what lawyers call it when we just help you review a document, prepare a document for you or advise you without actually taking on full representation of you in your case.  This can be a great cost saver in some instances, as you can get just the amount of help you really need, without all of the extras that you don’t.

Because unbundled services are different for each individual, pricing varies, depending on what is needed.  Some examples of unbundled services that we offer are:

    • Writing a letter
    • Reviewing or preparing a contract
    • Assisting in the preparation of documents for Court
    • Consultation to prepare for a Court appearance or mediation
    • Consultation on the pros and cons of a particular settlement offer

If you think any of these might be beneficial to you, please contact us and give us an opportunity to assist you.

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding Unbundled Services, please see our FAQ page.

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