Nobody saw it coming...

Doc is one of those people you meet and you either see him as the stereotypical tough, motorcycle riding man of the road, the stout soldier protector, or that teddy bear of a man we all know and love. At the end of May, he went to the hospital and has not yet come back out. We know he is strong and recovering and we ask prayers for him and his family as they get through this hardship and rise again.

Monte will be taking over for Doc as much as he can in the interim, and a high school intern we had shadowing the firm this Spring, Barb, will take Monte’s place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the coming weeks, Monte having already asked for time off this Summer to finish school before all of this began.

Nothing in life is easy and it shouldn’t be. We learn from every trip, every fall, every hiccup and every leap of faith. We learn from the good times and the bad. This is why Whole Family Legal focuses on the future, the children in family law and in estate planning and probate, to help us all weather the storms of life and be able to move on. Let us be in prayer for those weathering the storm. Thank you.

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