Our Friends

From family to friends to trusted partners, we have run into many businesses in the area and beyond that we support just as they have supported us. We invite you to take a look at what they do.


Marionetta Cooper


Marion is the mother of Rebecca, grandmother to Freya, and lives down in the Four Corners in Cortez, Colorado. We’re often asked why we go down to Cortez so often. Now you know. It is also where the Law Office of Rebecca A. Pescador got started and why she applied for admission to the tribal courts down there.

Country Kids Playhouse

Located in Rebecca’s home territory of Montezuma County and run by her mother, Country Kids offers great daycare services.  Whether your concern is the development of your toddler before Kindergarten or the continuing development of your child outside of the video screen, Country Kids can give them an active time, learning about gardens, nutrition and bugs; learning basic language, mathematics, and problem solving skills before Kindergarten; and, of course, have a great social experience while doing it.  Meanwhile, they’ll take care of you too, working with you and your work schedule, even when it changes.  Learn more by visiting www.countrykidsplayhouse.com.

Bitter Water Roll Off Service Co.

Also located in Cortez, Colorado, Marion, along with her brother Glen and their friend Bruce, started Bitter Water Roll Off Service to supply much needed garbage removal on large jobs across the area. With experience both in general contracting and trucking, the team has taken to the road to help construction and demolition projects with their material left-overs, including the handling of the recent high school demolition project. If you have a large job in that area that needs garbage removal, call on Bitter Water Roll Off at 970-564-9560. For more information, see them online at www.bwrolloff.com.

Monte Pescador


Dirt 'N' Nails Farms Inc.

Started in 2009, Dirt ‘N’ Nails has been slowly trying to save up money for the first farm to begin the work of rehabilitating homeless families, teaching the hungry to grow food, and filling meal centers and food banks with fresh produce that has been in such short supply. While waiting for that day, Monte has worked hard at trying get a greenhouse started for seedlings, rototilling for others to start their own community and shelter gardens, and much more. This 501c3 has also been one of the hallmarks of the law office’s practice that any trust money left behind by clients goes towards nonprofit endeavors, often being checked off by clients. For more information on the ongoing effort, visit www.dirtnnails.org.

Longhaul Preacher

“Breaker Breaker into the black…”

With those words, Monte started a podcast and blog about Star Citizen (by Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries), family fun night, and family in general mixed with sermons and tall tales supported via Patreon.

That is not all, though. He has also gone back to work as a Solar System Ambassador volunteer for Jet Propulsion Labs to teach kids about space exploration.

Starting in 2018, he dove into the wild world of voiceover work starting with a contract for a Zane Grey Anthology (Volume 4) that will be available on Audible in the coming months.

To see his blog and podcast, production work, and preaching,  you can look at his website, www.longhaulpreacher.space.

You already have met Monte on the front page, but did you know why he’s called “Longhaul Preacher?” Back in the Summer of 2015, after getting started in the Masters in Divinity program, he got a notion to start a video blog on a video game, Star Citizen. This led to a broader video blog on family fun in the 21st century and his first online sermons. It has since led even further to a fledgling voiceover career. So he is definitely in it all for the long haul. God first, family second, self last. That’s the Longhaul Preacher way.

Our Medical Friends


Cardinal Chiropractic

Although Dr.’s Dan and Amanda have moved back to their home state with their new baby (and we pray they continue to have blessed lives), this practice has been awesome since day 1, keeping Monte’s back from going totally out and helping Freya start off life right. Just like us, they give free consultation and are willing to work with you to make chiropractic care affordable to meet your needs. Their practice near 135th and I-25 is caring and compassionate, truly caring about the community, doing drives for various charitable organizations several times each year. For more information, you can find them at www.cardinalfamilychiro.com and when you do give them a call, just tell them Monte and Rebecca sent you for a free screening and maybe even an invite to the next Dinner with the Docs.

Highlands Integrative Pediatrics

Dr. Kono and company came recommended by a family friend after Freya came into our lives two years ago and has been one of the most reliable and holistic medical groups we have ever witnessed. They do not jump into medication, but look at alternatives, if possible, to the everyday such as teething and mild illness. They gave us everything we needed to know along the way about the do’s and don’t’s of Freya’s diet and what to not worry about with regards to her development, all with great care and plenty of smiles. We can’t think of a better pediatrics facility out there. You can find them online at www.hipediatrics.com.