Monte Pescador met Rebecca at Willamette University in 1989. He wanted to learn more about three-fourths of his Filipino-Japanese heritage and loved that she wanted to learn more about Japanese culture as well. After graduating with a degree in International Studies focused on Japanese Business, he found himself without employment options after the incident with President Bush and General Motors forcing Japan to purchase GM cars. Instead, he moved to Cortez, Colorado, Rebecca’s home territory, where he did various jobs until Rebecca finished law school and passed the Bar Exam, including:

  • General contracting
  • Wholesale and retail marketing
  • Restaurant work from fast food through short order
  • Substitute teaching
  • Dance DJing
  • Pilot car driving
  • IT Support

Rebecca declared that it was time for him to follow his dreams, and in 2002, they moved out to Boulder so he could pursue a graduate degree in Microbial Studies. A medical condition cut his adventure short, and after another few years he founded a nonprofit (Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc.), pursued a Masters in Counseling, and is now working on a Masters in Divinity. While taking care of Freya and helping around the office as both the IT specialist and now Rebecca’s assistant, Monte also dabbles in counseling using the office conference room as Homeward Bound Christian Counseling and does a little podcasting on the side (, all with the singular goal of bringing up Freya right and sowing seeds of hope for the hungry and homeless.

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