What exactly can you do for me as an “unbundled” service?

This type of service is essentially for answering short questions, consulting on issues, drafting documents, or reviewing documents.  If you engage an attorney for this kind of service, the attorney will not file anything with the Court for you.  You may engage the attorney to assist with a phone call or conversation, but the attorney will not continue to receive correspondence or communication for you.  Each time you come in, it is typically a separate fee and you are hiring the attorney to do something very specific.  Common ways to use this service include: reviewing a contract or agreement before signing it, reviewing documents to be filed with the Court to be sure you understood it correctly and/or have it filled out correctly, drafting a letter to try to resolve a conflict outside of Court, consulting to discuss what legal options or remedies you may have in a particular circumstance, and preparing a document which you will later file with the Court.

What is the difference between an “unbundled” service and me hiring you for my case?

Any time you hire an attorney, you hire them for a task.  If you hire an attorney for your case, you are paying to have that attorney help you from the time she enters her appearance on your behalf through the end of the matter.  You can hire the attorney before a case is filed, for example to try sending a letter stating the resolution you want, or taking it to mediation to try to resolve it outside of Court.  You can hire the attorney at the point you are ready to file with the Court, or after you have filed the case, but before the Court has entered its final order.  You can hire an attorney after a case to enforce the Court’s order.  If you hire an attorney for unbundled services, it is just for one task.  The attorney will not file anything with the Court, or tell anyone she is representing you.  The attorney will not handle ongoing communications or future documents.  The attorney helps you with the specific task you hired her for and then is done.  If you want the attorney to do more, you have to come back and hire her again, whether for another unbundled service, or to hire her outright to represent you.

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