The weather today sure was nice and cool, wasn’t it?  It also means we’re headed fully into fall.  The children are back into the school routine, and their activities are getting back into full swing.  It can be a very busy time for children and parents alike.

Don’t forget to schedule time to have fun together.  Pick some time when you can do something fun with your kids (even if that means movies and popcorn and sleeping in the living room floor).  Put it on your calendar, just like any other important activity.  Give it the highest priority and don’t let anything push it aside.  Your children and your time with them is precious and fleeting.  They deserve your attention and respect.  There is no reason your appointments with them should be any less important than any other appointment you make.

When the time comes, turn off the phone alerts, don’t answer anything that isn’t absolutely positively an emergency, and focus 100% of your attention on your children.  Have a great time!

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