Thinking about getting a divorce?  That’s a big and often frightening decision to make.  If you decide to, then many questions come up.  Do you need a lawyer?  What do you have to do?  Where do you go to court?  What happens to the children?  To the pets?  Who owns what?  Who pays the bills?

Colorado has simplified the process and streamlined the paperwork.  You can pick up a packet of forms for $20-25 at your local Courthouse or get them for free online at  For some people, this is enough to get started; if you and your spouse can agree on everything, it can be pretty simple.  However, divorce is rarely that neat.  It’s usually a messy process and most people need professional help to get through it.

There are many options and we are equipped to help you with whichever one is right for your case.  Often, these options can be combined in ways that make the process and the outcome better for everyone.

Even if you have agreed on everything, it is still a good idea to get assistance from an attorney to make sure that both of you have addressed all of the potential issues, that you have filed all of the right paperwork, and to be sure that the written documents match your agreement.  We can assist you with this review for a flat fee.

If you might be able to agree on things with some assistance, negotiation and/or mediation may be the right process for you; some Courts and Judges require that you take the time to try these techniques before they will hear your case. Sometimes taking that extra step of getting the help with communicating each side’s concerns and brainstorming creative ways to solve problems can enable both to compromise and reach an agreement that is in everyone’s best interests.

It does, however, take you and your spouse being cooperative to come to any kind of agreement on your own. Sometimes, that just does not happen. In that instance, you are both left going to the Court and having a Judge decide.  We can help you with this too.

Please contact us to set an appointment for a free initial consultation.  We can help you get the information you need to decide what action you need to take next.

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