We recently had a case that got to the final hearing and suddenly went sideways. Why? Because in order to cut costs, those the client “trusted” to be there as witnesses did not show up. In fact, at the last second a professional witness tried to back out and had to be served.

But that brings us to a Whole Family dilemma:

We have always been about trying to bring affordable, professional help to as many as we can, but how can we honestly do both if we do not at least suggest the client have every witness served as a guarantee that they will be in court? Yes, even this costs money. Just because it is a piece of paper, remember, it is a legal document. It will cost. And it costs even more if we need to pay someone to serve the papers.

So, as one of Rebecca’s assistants, I give it to you: Which is better, to be told the cheapest way to go or to be told the best way to go? We are willing to go either way, but in our experience, most people want the cheapest way to go and are willing to cut all the wrong corners to do it.

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