The Other Pescadors

While it may take a village to raise a child, it appears it takes a family to raise a law firm. Meet the rest of the family.

God First – Family Second – Self Last

“It all came together in 2015…”

While Monte and Rebecca struggled to get her first law office and his first counseling office going well before 2015, their family focus did not begin until that year. Monte had felt the tug of God to get back to school, this time seminary, and finally gave in to the tug, applying to Grand Canyon University in May, 2015. Days after getting accepted, he received a phone call from his old classmate from Colorado Christian University during the Counseling program. She had one question, “Would you like to adopt my granddaughter?” Yes, that is when Freya was born and came into their lives. Suddenly, it was all about putting God first, family second, and themselves last as they learned to be parents.

About Monte

That one event, however, was not the first time Monte was called to do something. In 2009 he was convicted to start a non-profit that would, based on the vision he received and in his words, “be a working farm to rehabilitate homeless families and to teach people how to be more self-sufficient, gardening indoors and outdoors, feeding the hungry while guiding the homeless.” That was the start of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc. Since then, he has also started several other offshoots while refocusing towards the greater message, to guide the hopeless and feed the hungry of body, mind, and spirit.

He developed and continues to try to keep up with changes on this website as Longhaul Preacher, “Podcaster, Producer, and Preacher.” He is working to build a nondenominational church in Montezuma County, Colorado as well as restart his counseling practice, Rohi Therapy. And, at the same time, he is helping to keep the family going, working in the Dolores School District (RE-4A), again, putting God first and family second before himself.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies (focus on Japan).
  • Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Divinity.
  • Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Leadership.
  • Hobbies: Astronomy, Gardening, Woodworking, religious studies.
  • Favorite Quote: “Keep learning, education is everything.” – Ichiro Ishiguro, grandfather

About Freya

Born in 2015, Freya is the motivation of the law office, a reminder that God and family come before all else and the importance of that in the lives of clients. While Rebecca has always held a focus of keeping client children in mind of all decisions in cases, Freya gave the law office the perfect example of why. Without her grandmother, Freya might have ended up out of touch with her birth family. As it is, she has a mixed family, knowing all of her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, and Monte and Rebecca work hard to make sure she will always know them.

  • Current Career Goal: Sea World Behavioralist
  • Hobbies: Barbies and other dolls, musicals, hard rock, gymnastics, cheerleading, Lego building.

“I have asked myself why I put so much effort into keeping my wife’s law office working, and the only answer is what God has given me, to put God first, family second, and myself last. That is the only answer I need.”

– Monte Pescador