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Affordable Family and Estate Law for all.
We have heard it before. Many cannot afford the retainers some attorneys insist on and yet also do not qualify for public assistance with legal issues. They deserve just as much help as those with funds. We have several options, including low initial retainers, payment plans, and some flat fee items.

Free Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation because we know you do not necessarily understand all of your options.

Only What You Need

Most things you can do for yourself. We give you all of the options, including not using our services at all.

Holistic Philosophy

We work first for the most vulnerable, the children, and then our client’s best interests, seeking the best, kindest, and healthiest result for all.

Because family is everything...

Starting in 2001, Rebecca began her career as a small town general attorney in Montezuma County, Colorado, but when she moved with her husband to the Eastern Slope, she found herself specializing in family law just because of the number of clients coming to her with family law problems. Little did she know how much family law would impact her life and her deeper understanding of family.

Every Case is Unique

Not unlike a certain insurance company’s commercials, we know because we have seen it. You are not alone and you are not “crazy.” And we may not be able to help with everything. Sometimes, especially with wills and estate planning, it takes planning way ahead when you do not think you need it. Believe us, you do. So even if you do not use our services, do take advantage of the information on this website.

Primary Areas of Law

Rebecca started out like any other small-town attorney, taking on any case to come along. Over time and in moving to the Denver area, she found most of her clients fell into two categories of law and, through experience, she specialized in those areas.

Our elders matter...

We are listed under the Denver, Colorado Senior Living Resources. While we do not specialize in elder law, we assist where we can and refer to the specialists what we cannot.

Your Office Team

Taking care of your case is a team effort. Taking care of you is a family effort. Meet the people you are most likely to get to know while working with us.



Office Staff


Other Staff

Rebecca A. Pescador

Rebecca A. Pescador

Senior Attorney

Office Family

Freya M. M. Pescador

Freya M. M. Pescador

"Junior Partner"

Doc Ross

Doc Ross

Legal Assistant



H.S. Intern Assistant

Janette Jones

Janette Jones

Administrative Assistant

Monte "Longhaul Preacher" Pescador

Monte "Longhaul Preacher" Pescador


Satisfied Clients

You guys were great…

… and thank you for walking me through this. It’s an awesome feeling to have my life back and not live in the shadows anymore.

Robert B.

We wish to thank you for all of your great help.

This would have been very difficult without you. We look forward to future business with you since we do not have a family attorney.

Dexter C.

Thank you. You made it so easy to understand.

You opened our eyes to things we didn’t know we could do. We didn’t know some of the things that could go wrong with our current plan. The attorney who did our last Wills didn’t talk to us about any of that.


Rebecca really helped me through a difficult and challenging situation.

She was kind and patient and answered all of my questions about the documents we were needing and the process. She cared about my family and my needs. She was wonderful to work with!

C. D.

She is so knowledgeable…

… about our situations with real estate and wills and put our minds at ease about a number of problems.

Bernice W.

I wanted to say how pleased I am with Rebecca…

She made a stressful situation bearable. She was always available to me if I had questions. I highly recommend her and the Whole Family Legal.

Laura T.

As compared with other attorneys I have dealt with…

… she was totally professional, but more importantly she was personable during a difficult time for me.

Mandy S.

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Call for an appointment. We are located in the Melody Building on 104th and Melody in Northglenn.
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