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Pray for Roseburg

Created by my husband, Monte, who is sharing office space with us as Homeward Bound Christian Counseling.  Please pray for all in Roseburg, Oregon.  #Iamunashamed
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Spring Rebuild at Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms

Look at what our friends at Dirt 'N' Nails Farms are up to. If you don't have time to go to the link, here is a quick summary:  Rebuilding the greenhouse built in 2014 and blown away during the first big windstorm of Winter, fundraising to help up to 10 families start...
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Grandparent – Great Topics

The Grandparents Raising Grandkids support group has had some great topics.  In October, we talked about stress and how to minimize and manage it.  For November, we talked specifically about teens, and how grandparents can use what we know about teen psychology to get...
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First Meeting Success!

The first meeting of Grandparents Raising Grandkids was a real success.  We met some great people, and got to hear what some grandparents are facing and what areas they would like some support in.  As organizers/hosts, we are looking forward to taking that information...
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Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Northglenn Christian Church is hosting a new support group for grandparents who are raising their grandkids, and also for those who find themselves being the "primary babysitter" of their grandkids. This is designed to be a place to meet others in a similar situation...
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Easing into Fall

The weather today sure was nice and cool, wasn't it?  It also means we're headed fully into fall.  The children are back into the school routine, and their activities are getting back into full swing.  It can be a very busy time for children and parents alike. Don't...
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Colorado Exemptions Updated July 2015

Changes to Colorado’s statutes regarding exempt property took effect on July 1, 2015. While many of these changes help to protect debtors by reflecting inflation in property values, other changes create restrictions as to how these exemptions may be used. The...
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Delayed Decision Disorder?

I got this article from Smead.  Delayed Decision Disorder.  They are talking about the impact on business, which is substantial. I suspect most of these people suffer similar consequences at home.  It's easy for parents to notice the time wasted when the kids can't...
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Wondering about the entero virus? Get the facts.

Country Kids Playhouse has posted some good basic information, as well as a great link to the CDC's website to help us all stay informed about the entero virus. Stay informed, know what to watch for, and keep using those basic universal precautions.  Let's stay...
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Wondering what your options are?

It seems like finances are always tight.  You're just finally starting to feel like you might recover from summer vacations, camp for the kids, and buying all those new school clothes and supplies.  No rest though; they're already reminding your kids that Christmas is...
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Seeking a New Associate

Please pray for us as we go through another transition. We are posting for a new Associate for the team. If you are or know an attorney seeking a new office or direction or practice or maybe even a law school graduate who is looking to start into family law and...
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Scenario 2

The story is real. Can you shortcut around probate by simply giving your children everything now? Do you really want to?
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Estate Plan Special – May 2017

Do a full estate plan,* get 15% off if at least one other adult family member of same or next generation (e.g., sister, brother, son, daughter etc.) also does an estate plan.** Other family members can also get an estate plan within 60 days for 10% off.*** *$500 value...
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Welcome Doc Ross!

At a time when the office needed extra help but Rebecca was not entirely sure how she wanted to handle a paralegal or a new associate, Doc Ross, an old friend and client from her days in Boulder, called to speak of barbeque, good times, and his search for work. Upon...
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Look who’s going bald for 2017!

"Once a year, every year." Monte is known in church for suddenly going bald every Spring. While this might seem a bit extreme, he has done it for a good cause for seven years straight. St. Baldrick's Foundation is dedicated to the elimination of childhood cancer,...
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