From family to friends to trusted partners, we have run into many businesses in the area and beyond that we support just as they have supported us. We invite you to take a look at what they do.

Country Kids Playhouse – Marionetta Cooper

Marionetta CooperLocated in Rebecca’s home territory of Montezuma County and run by her mother, Country Kids offers great daycare services.  Whether your concern is the development of your toddler before Kindergarten or the continuing development of your child outside of the video screen, Country Kids can give them an active time, learning about gardens, nutrition and bugs; learning basic language, mathematics, and problem solving skills before Kindergarten; and, of course, have a great social experience while doing it.  Meanwhile, they’ll take care of you too, working with you and your work schedule, even when it changes.  Learn more by visiting

Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc. – Monte Pescador

Dirt N Nails Farms Logo OnlyImagine a world where homelessness does not exist let alone repeat generation upon generation. Imagine a world where the hungry are cared for. Imagine the world of Dirt’N’Nails, a nonprofit started in 2009 with the dream of starting small family farms to act as shelter to homeless families in recovery and as emergency shelter during freezing Winter months, to grow fresh produce to food banks and soup kitchens, and to be used as an educational center for schools and groups. In the meantime, Monte has helped start community and shelter gardens, offering both services and seed. If you need rototilling or just added help, Monte will do it for you in exchange for a suggested donation of $15-25 per hour tax-deductible donation to Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc. or for free if it is a community, shelter, food bank, or meal center garden. Learn more by visiting

Daddy Read 2 Me – Monte Pescador

One of the most valuable times one can have with children is snuggled up with a good book. USBorne books publishes children’s books that cannot be found anywhere else, sold by representatives, mostly concerned parents earning free books for their own children. Books range from the simple early readers through early fairy tales and fiction and up to resources for high school students. Monte’s website,, is currently down due to lack of business, but you can still contact him directly through the office for information on how to earn free books by hosting a book party or even start your own book selling business.

Cardinal Chiropractic

Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda have an amazing family centered chiropractic practice just off of 135th Ave. and I-25.  Their focus is on true healing and some routine maintenance, believing that with a little help and healthy choices, the body will heal itself of a surprising number of things, and they have the testimony of their clients, including Monte and Rebecca, to back it up.  They are caring and compassionate, truly caring about the community, doing drives for various charitable organizations several times each year.  Learn more by visiting and tell them Monte and Rebecca sent you for a free screening today.

Highlands Integrative Pediatrics

Dr. Kono and his colleagues have a wonderful approach to pediatric care, integrating the best of natural and holistic care with traditional medical care.  They have a caring, compassionate, and child centered practice.  They accept a wide variety of insurance, including Medicaid.  We trust them with our most precious little “Junior Partner,” Freya.  To learn more, visit

Center for Bankruptcy Planning, Ken Nierman

Ken has advised many clients who have faced the bankruptcy process.  Pre- and Post-bankruptcy offer many layers of options for people to either redesign their financial world to avoid the process, or, to organize, prepare for, and ultimately survive, the difficulties that bankruptcy brings.  Also, special thanks to Ken for the document location chart at the end of our FREE Estate Planning information packet “Tying a Net”!  Learn more by visiting