Frequently Asked Questions

Like in the medical profession, between the Internet, reality television, and reality, many clients come in believing they are the only ones in “this particular situation” or with “this particular question,” are nervous about talking about it, and in the end find a little relief in that their situation or question is not as unique as they had come to believe. Be sure to check our the individual FAQ sections to look for possible answers to your questions. If you still have questions afterwards, do call us for an appointment so we can walk you through your FREE initial consultation. We are here to help.

FAQ – Unbundled Services

What exactly can you do for me as an “unbundled” service? This type of service is essentially for answering short questions, consulting on issues, drafting documents, or reviewing documents.  If you engage an attorney for this kind of service, the attorney will not...

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FAQ – Probate

What is probate? Probate is the court process which oversees the transfer of property and payment of debts of someone who has died.  In Colorado, we have some very simple processes for estates with very little value and for estates that have no land or houses.  It can...

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FAQ – Family Law

While we cannot answer most specific questions you may have about your case, we do occasionally find ourselves thinking about the questions we hear regularly during FREE consultations. Here are select questions we hear often along with their common responses. If you...

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FAQ – Estate Planning

Does it matter what city I live in? Thankfully, it only matters state-to-state, not city-to-city. If you live in Grand Junction and hire us to help you with your estate plan, it will still work in the state of Colorado. Issues crop up with regards to property in other...

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