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At Whole Family Legal, LLC, our primary objective is to make legal services affordable for everyone.

Many people do not have the ability to come up with large retainers frequently insisted upon by other attorneys and cannot qualify for public assistance with their legal issues.  They deserve just as much help as those with funds.  We focus our practice on serving these people.  We have several options,  including low initial retainers, payment plans, and some flat fee items.


Every case is unique.

Every situation is unique.

Determining the right approach for you and your situation is the first step.  We offer a free initial consultation, giving opportunity for you to get to know us and us to get to know you as well as get to know your needs.  Please contact us so that we can see if we can help you.

What can we do for you?

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Probate
  • and more
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Support
  • and more
We have been known to, on occasion, take on a case that is outside of Family Law or Estate Planning or only take on a portion of what our clients need to the benefit and savings of our clients. Call for a free consultation and see our Unbundled Services page for more information.

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As compared with other attorneys I have dealt with, she was totally professional, but more importantly she was personable during a difficult time for me. Mandy S.

She is so knowledgeable about our situations with real estate and wills and put our minds at ease about a number of problems. Bernice W.

You guys were great and thank you for walking me through this. It’s an awesome feeling to have my life back and not live in the shadows anymore. Robert B.

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We will be out from December 22 through January 5 for vacation and a long distance case. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Whole Family Legal. God bless.

Doc Ross – Legal Assistant

If you have ever met Doc Ross before, you might be surprised to find him as a legal assistant, but behind the electronics engineer/metal guitarist/canon musician is a complex and highly intelligent man with an even more complex life. We have come to know him as a...

Freya M. M. Pescador – “Junior Partner”

Freya Pescador brings with her a wealth of life experience, having lived most of her life alongside her mother, attorney Rebecca Pescador in the office. She helps every day with scanning and printing, note taking and reading, but her primary function in the office is...

Janette Jones – Administrative Assistant

Janette Jones has, in a way, been with the firm before it had become a firm. Rebecca continued working with her despite the distance after getting to know her as an associate in a previous law office. Despite her distance from us in California, she has been and...

Monte Pescador – Jack-of-all-trades

Monte Pescador met Rebecca at Willamette University in 1989. He wanted to learn more about three-fourths of his Filipino-Japanese heritage and loved that she wanted to learn more about Japanese culture as well. After graduating with a degree in International Studies...

Your Attorneys

Rebecca A. Pescador – Senior Attorney

Rebecca Pescador grew up in Southwest Colorado learning a love of law from the family business attorney. She loves the idea that people can be helped through the struggles and politics of everyday life through books and logic. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in...